Aug 22, 2013

Pergola Vine Surprise: Clematis

When my (extremely generous!) grandparents heard that I was looking for a clematis vine for the pergola, they kindly ordered me their favorite type from a nursery that ships this time of year. It’s called a Multi-Blue Clematis and will have gorgeous purple flowers. I’m so excited!

What the blooms look like on the website - gorgeous!

It arrived over the weekend in the mail and I knew I had to put it in the ground right away.

To make room for the vine, I had to transplant one of my porticulas closer to the gate in an empty spot. They have grown in so nicely. I chose to place the hole in the middle of the pergola.

Then I dug a fairly substantial hole, much bigger than what I needed, for the clematis.

I mixed in half a bag of peat into the soil around the clematis to make it more acidic - they love acidic soil. Apparently Georgia loves Peat Moss  too.

Then I planted the vine and watered it in thoroughly.

In the near future I want to build a trellis that extends from the ground to the top of the pergola for the vine to grow up. However I’m still deciding on the details including overall size, density, etc. So in the meantime while I finalize my trellis plans, I borrowed these trellis pieces from elsewhere just in case the vine grows faster than I work.

Blooming Clematis Picture from 

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