Sep 13, 2013

Aging Gracefully

Having a new baby in the family has aged Georgia a lot this year. My poor baby! Her face is much whiter. Georgia's right ear has a permanent crinkle in it from an ear hemotoma she had earlier this summer. Her back left leg has a scar from the pad injury I mentioned last week. She takes glucosamine for her arthritis, but sometimes still struggles with longer walks or going up the stairs. We recently found out she has acid reflux and needs a pepcid and a snack every night before bed. She also take claritin twice a day for seasonal allergies. Georgia's also becoming grumpier, more set in her ways.

But then we have those moments where I see the puppy still inside. When she's chasing a ball through the yard at top speed, or jumping all over me with excitement over a walk or a special trip. When we arrive home from work or an errand and she's bouncing off the walls. This old girl will always be my baby.

1 comment:

  1. Poor thing. It's harder watching pets get older. My girls are 13 years old. I was happy when the vet called them "middle age" because he said they were in such good shape. But I notice how slowly they climb stairs now.