Oct 30, 2013


Our neighborhood loves Halloween. So many houses go all-out with the decorations. They also play an annual game of Boo - someone "bombs" your house with a surprise basket of treats and a note about how the Boo game is played. Once you've  been "Booed" you put the enclosed sign up on your door marking that you've been hit, and then you leave 1-2 (depending on the rules) more basket(s) of treats at the homes that haven't been hit yet.

We got this on our doorstep for Oliver. It's SO thoughtful! Filled with organic toddler snacks, food pouches, pretzels, and a couple packets of toddler-friendly sized M&Ms. So sweet!

I ran out to Walgreens and made emergency baskets late last night. It was too dark to take a decent picture, but I filled up two plastic pumpkins with big rubber bats and spiders, glow in the dark spider rings, glow sticks, vampire teeth, and of course candy from our Halloween stash. Enough for each kid in my targeted house. Then, feeling like a to weirdo-spaz-stalker-creep, I snuck up on my neighbor's porches in the dark. It was long after they turned off their lights and went to bed, so it was more sneaky and anonymous, but that only made it feel even creepier. Even if it was a nice thing to do, there's something sinister about sneaking around in the dark. Next year I'm totally making Oliver do it.

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