Oct 28, 2013

The Attic Project: Revised Plan

In our original attic plan we were going to replace the insulation. But then we changed our minds. Too messy, too much work, and it’s in decent shape. Why make life harder? We have enough to do. But then as Mike started cleaning up the attic to get everything ready for the boards, we had second thoughts. There were a couple of spots where it was looking more aged than we realized. Yes, it’s working fine now… but what about in the future? After this it’s going to be REALLY HARD to replace, under boards and boxes and boxes of our stuff. Right now everything is open and exposed - yes it’s messy, yes it’s an annoying extra step… but in the end we decided it was the right thing to do.

The new plan is the remove all the old insulation, clean everything up and then put down the new insulation. From there we’ll go back to our original plan - prep the floor by tacking down all the electrical wires, nailing down the furring strips as spacers, and then finally putting down all the boards as a floor.

The insulation job will probably have to happen in two parts. All 30 of the super-heavy plywood boards are stacked in the attic and Mike will have to work around them. He was awesome and moved them ALL up there so we could have our dining room back. Family meals around the table are important to us. I have to give him full credit for the enormous effort it took to move them up there - 30 heavy, awkwardly long boards took 30 trips from the driveway in the backyard up the deck stairs, through the house, up the main stairs and then up the attic stairs/ladder. With all the furring strips, it was actually way more than 30 trips and A LOT of stairs.

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