Oct 22, 2013

To the Attic

Once the shower was fixed (hooray!), it was finally time to take a look at that Fall To-Do list I wrote a couple weeks ago. The yard cleanup has been happening in small spurts, the trellis and kitchen shelves are nice-to-haves, but the attic is pretty important. We desperately need storage space in such a tiny house and working up there is very weather-sensitive. When it’s freezing cold and snowing outside it would be very unpleasant to work up there, so we knew that’s what we had to tackle first.

Here’s the plan: (updated!)
1) Buy plywood and 1x2s (for spacers) have it delivered
2) Carry all those darn pieces up to the attic (I’m totally dreading this part!)
3) Rip out all of the old insulation and clean up the attic (added)
4) Put down new insulation (added)
5) Nail down the furring strips and tack down wires
6) Put down plywood
7) Install a couple of lights and a light switch
8) Build a railing around door in the floor for safety

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