Nov 25, 2013

Attic Flooring In Progress

This is the attic with about half the boards laid out. Since they are tongue and groove, Mike has to lay all of them out before nailing them down (except for the ones over the stairwell). After cutting 11 inches off 10 of the boards to make them fit, Mike discovered that our house is not square. He had to take 5 of them back downstairs and trim off an additional 2 inches.

The other slow part of this phase in the project is accommodating the junction boxes for the electrical. They have to remain accessible. So Mike has to mark where they are on the boards, then cut out an opening for them so they remain easily reachable. Mike also wants to built a simple removable “panel cover” for each hole so nothing falls into them when we start storing stuff up here.

It’s nice to finally feel like we’re in the home stretch. With the holidays coming up we’ll have even less time to work on the house, but we’re getting close enough now it feels possible that we can store the Christmas decorations up here when it’s time to take them down.

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