Dec 4, 2013

A Giant Toy Snake

I saw this adorable giant knit snake in the Land of Nod catalog a month ago and thought 3 things: 1) Oliver would LOVE this, 2) It’s kind of pricey, 3) I could totally make it.

So that’s what I did. We went to the craft store and I let Oliver pick out the yarn. He chose his favorite color, neon green, right away (it’s not my favorite, but it’s not my toy either). I used the neon green to make the bulk of the snake, then I did the tail in a bit of bright green and a gray tip for added interest. The snake uncoiled is about 5 feet, about 6 inches longer than the Land of Nod one.

I decided to crochet the snake instead of knitting because I knew I could easily manipulate the width to make the snake shape quickly. I winged it and started as if I was making a hat, tapered it off to create the head shape, then just kept going. And going… and going… and going...

I’m really happy with how it came out. I hope Oliver likes it too. I know there will be a lot of toys to open and be excited about, but I think in the years to come a “special” toy from Mom will mean more to him than something from a store.

(Ombre snake image is from Land of Nod)


  1. I love the colour choices that you and Oliver made :) And the blue tongue is lovely, too. I bet he was very excited about this toy. Well done :)