Dec 9, 2013

Christmas Decorating 2013: Indoors

The tree is up, the house is decorated, and we’re feeling very festive. This year I managed to cram a lot of stuff on the bookshelves, above Oliver’s reach. We did our usual garlands and white twinkle lights draped over the bookshelves and hutches.

I love how the gallery frames reflect the twinkle lights that are going up the stairs.

The Christmas tree is done up with colored lights and non-breakable ornaments. All of my favorite glass balls and fragile things remain packed away in boxes. Everything within Oliver’s reach is extra kid-friendly. We also pulled off all the ornament hooks to be safe - I read that they are a hazard if swallowed, so everything on the tree is hung by the ribbons instead. I’m really glad we played it safe because Oliver LOVES the Christmas tree and pays a lot of attention to it. In fact, one of his favorite activities is “watering” the tree with an empty watering can.

We keep the advent calendar out of Oliver’s reach (so he doesn’t help himself), but bring it down every night after dinner for a Hersey kiss treat. He asks for it after every meal.

I put two miniature trees upstairs, one in the hallway and one in Oliver’s room. Since the mini ornaments are a choking hazard, this year both trees are decorated with Christmas ribbons.

Of course our favorite thing is the Christmas tree lit up at night, in the dark. There's something so magical about it!

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