Jan 28, 2014

More Basement Progress

The basement progress continues, slowly. We had a few minor setbacks like TWO missed garbage pickups due to snow (so our giant  trash piles remain) and a rather unpleasant cold virus that exhausted our whole household. Those snowstorms had us clearing driveway snow instead of clearing piles, the colds had us sleeping instead of sorting.

What we have managed to do is to go through every box and tub in the whole basement. Kitchen stuff, office stuff, electronics, art supplies, music stuff, everything. Every item has been designated for the basement, attic, garbage, or donation. Since we're rearranging all the furniture/shelving I wasn't too precise about how I organized the shelves - we'll worry about that once everything is moved around.

We’re halfway through organizing the tools and building supplies (all keepers). We’re almost ready to start putting stuff in the crawl space (instruments, tubs, building supplies, sporting equipment and camping gear, etc.). Then it’s really just a matter of moving things around and finally clearing all the stuff out - to the curb, to the garage, to the recycling center, to the donation bins, to friends and family, to the crawl space. Lots of errands - each pile is a big job in itself.

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