Feb 17, 2014

Fixed with Gorilla Glue

What I love about gorilla glue is that it can fix almost anything. What I don’t love though is how those little “single use” tubes dry up so quickly - and they are expensive when you think about how little glue you get. So we tend to amass a whole bunch of stuff that needs help before buying more. Over the weekend it was finally time to fix a whole bunch of things - I couldn’t take it anymore. Toddlers are very hard on stuff!

Here’s what I fixed with gorilla glue:

My favorite boots (winter is also hard on stuff)
Upstairs toilet paper holder
Downstairs toilet paper holder (are you seeing a theme?)
Sunroom/Playroom door knob (someone ripped that sucker right off the door and snapped the metal rod!)

The wheel on the office chair (we love this vintage chair so much but once in a while it needs TLC)

Mustache magnet

A wobbly side tabletop (now it just needs a fresh coat of stain...)

It’s so nice to have these things fully functioning again!

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