Feb 19, 2014

Updated Gallery Wall

I added the new artwork/frames to the gallery wall. Having more at the top really balances things out and I'm really happy with how it's shaping up.

In the end I went with the sky quote prints over the chalkboard - they just looked better in the space. I also added one more big frame to balance everything out. The cityscape is a placeholder, but I'm very fond of it. It's an old photo I took with a film camera when I lived in New York City and actually had black and white prints developed.

I also framed a fingerpainting of Oliver’s because I’m that mother. But it’s so pretty! It looks like an abstract sunset. Sadly he made it on cheap Ikea paper so it’s not going to last very long - I’ll enjoy it while I can before the paper yellows and turns to dust.

1 comment:

  1. The painting Oliver did is really nice. Maybe you can scan it somewhere and have it printed on gallery canvas?