Mar 27, 2014

2014 Yard Plans

It’s going to be April next week! It’s hard to believe because it STILL feels like winter around here today. I can’t wait for Spring though, it’s constantly on my mind. As I mentioned in my Spring To Do List, there are several updates I’d like to make to the yard overall.

This is what our yard currently looks like:

(And if you want to see what it looked like last year, you can see the layout here.)

This is what I would like to make it look like this Spring/Summer:

Okay so it’s probably hard to tell the difference, they are small changes. First I would like to move the mailbox in the front yard to over by the driveway and plant a small garden around it. I think it would look really pretty and our mailman would stop holding our mail when neighbor’s friends block it with their cars.

Secondly in the backyard I would like to widen parts of the perrenial bed along the fence and mix around some of the plants. I did a sloppy job transplanting the astilbe and lilies, and I didn’t plan things well. I just sort of added things along the fence as they arrived and now it looks disjointed. So I would like to spend some time rearranging the beds, widening them and create a more appealing layout.

Other backyard plans you can’t see on the layout include building a trellis for the clematis so it can grow over the pergola. Then there’s adding more dirt to the raised bed garden and fixing the fencing, prepping the vegetable garden for spring, reorganizing the garage, and re-sealing the driveway... hurry up warm weather! We have a lot of work to do.

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