Apr 1, 2014

Basement Curtains

I still have the hot pipe, the water main, a baby gate, and the oversized garbage pile to address in the basement... But the hot pipe requires a trip to Home Depot, the trash pile requires our town to pick up oversized trash again, the water main requires the trash to be gone (and probably also a trip to Home Depot)... you get the idea.

What I did have on hand were old curtains, curtain rods, and shades. Things that didn’t fit on our windows upstairs that I held onto. I was going to get rid of them during the basement cleanout phase until I realized that they were perfect for the basement as a temporary solution make the space feel cozier.

The floral curtains behind the couch are hung with curtain clips attached to nails that were already there on the main beam - I think the previous owner had a similar idea at some point. The red curtains are on rods that can be pulled to the side or easily removed when we need to get into the crawl space.

It makes a big difference not to have to see the mess in the crawl space and a wall of shelves with everything on them all the time.

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