Apr 3, 2014

Easter Egg Tree

I have to admit, I’m pretty excited about Easter this year at our house. This is the first year Oliver will be old enough to hunt for eggs and be excited about treats in his basket. We’ve started talking to him about the “fun” side of Easter - the Easter bunny, spring, renewal - the things an almost 2 year old might be able to grasp.

In our dining room I put together a quick Easter Tree for the table with "help" from Oliver. When I was little my Nana brought us plastic eggs to hang outside on a tree for Easter and I always thought it was so pretty. Since we had a chilly, rainy weekend (and a limited number of plastic eggs on hand), I decided to build one inside instead using branches from the the backyard.

I needed to trim the top off our forsythia bush anyways (it was attacking our neighbor's fence), so this was the perfect time to prune in between rain storms while Oliver ran around like a maniac outside getting the crazies out. I put the branches in water and I'm hoping the warm air inside will force them to bloom. If it happens I'll share updated pictures, it should be really pretty!

In the meantime, Oliver loves it. He points to it and shouts “Egg! Egg!” or “Mine! Mine!”

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