Apr 7, 2014

Preliminary Garden Puttering

It's official, I gleefully ruined my manicure out in the garden. SPRING! The raised beds were finally defrosted enough to plant spinach. April is also the time to plant lettuce, when the weather is cool and mild. It’s weird to me to be planting both together, but March was so brutally cold that I couldn’t make a dent in the frozen block that was the garden. The way our spring has been so far, it might even be a little too early for the lettuce - but fingers crossed this works. If not I’ll try again in a couple of weeks when I put the peas in on the trellis.

While planting the seeds I remembered how badly we need to replenish the soil back here this year. The beds have lots quite a bit of dirt to erosion - the level is really low.

The fig tree was unwrapped and I think it survived the winter - mostly. The heavy snow bent it so badly that I had to stake it.

I also planted some spring bulbs from a forced bulb basket. The literature said that it can be tricky to get them to come back, and it can take a couple years for them to bloom again, but I couldn’t just throw them away. I put them in front of the blackberry bush where we don’t get any spring color. If they come back next year, wonderful. If they don’t, no big deal because I enjoyed them all winter.

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