Jul 10, 2014

Floral Front Door Wreath

This post is totally little old lady. I’m okay with that. I recently inherited a bunch of really nice, expensive silk flowers (like the kind you find at Pottery Barn, not a craft store). I had more than I knew what to do with and I didn’t want to throw them away for sentimental reasons (they belonged to my mother). I also inherited a wreath form, so I decided to wire some of the pale yellow flowers to make a spring/summer wreath.

I unabashedly love wreaths on front doors. They are pretty, they are festive. I don’t care that they are not in fashion right now, because they will come back. Good things always come back around. I have a fall berry wreath, a Christmas berry wreath, a winter pinecone wreath. I also have a spring/summer butterfly wreath I made, but when I put the new front door knocker on it no longer fit so I hang it on the inside of the door now.

I decided to wire the flowers to the form so I could change things later if I wanted to. Obviously this isn’t for everybody, but I love it.

The yellow flowers look fantastic with the yellow siding too. I think it makes our front door look so cheerful!

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  1. OK, so I must really be a little old lady cuz I think it's beautiful! Plus, who knew that wreaths are out??!!