Jul 8, 2014

Porch Paint Touch Ups

After such a hard winter with so much snow, some of the painted parts of our exterior needed a little attention. You couldn’t tell from the street, but we could see it up close in person.

There were a few patches around the porch posts, railings and the top awning. The porch steps had some winter damage from the snow shovel from all the snow and ice we had.

We painted the steps with a fresh coat of gray porch and floor paint and I realized that I seem to have to repaint the steps every year. Then again, repainting the steps and preserving them for one more year is better than paying for new steps. Which we know is coming, unfortunately.

We also really needed to do the door frame around the side door, it was peeling like crazy. I forgot to take a before picture (I was in a hurry and totally distracted), but it looks much better now.

So much better!

Now it’s just time to break out the can of stain for the back. We need to do restain the deck (it looks awful!) and do touchups on the gate and chairs. Plus I think it would be worth making the new patio table the same color.

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