Sep 5, 2014

A Surprisingly Bad Storm

It's a good thing we finished the driveway when we did and gave it proper drying time, because the very next day this happened:

It's not blurry from condensation, that's RAIN. It poured and poured and poured until the entire apron of the driveway was underwater. And then it kept raining. Buckets and buckets with lots of wind.

It was a storm so fierce it actually knocked over our trash can shed and ripped off the doors - when it had a heavy bucket of leftover driveway sealant and chairs inside! I couldn't believe my eyes when the wind took it.

The good news is that the driveway is fine. The bad news is that the trash shed didn't last very long. Mike's going to try to fix the doors with new door bolts, otherwise we have to call the warranty company and keep our fingers crossed...

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