Oct 2, 2014

A Few Souvenirs

Last year when we went to Cape Cod and brought home sea shells, a map, bracelets and a scarf (and a cute wallet). This year we brought home... sea shells, a map, bracelets and a scarf (and postcards and some really delicious jam).

Great white sharks are the hot topic on the Cape right now... so I couldn't resist a few vintage style postcards. I think these would look awesome framed?

They have a jam & jelly shop in town with the most delicious jam. They have a whole sampling display with tons of spoons so you can taste test to your heart's content. Since I've been on a jam kick (peach lime & blackberry blueberry lime) this was especially fun for me. Hello future inspiration! My favorites? Peach lavender and blueberries in champagne. They are even more delicious than they sound.

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