Oct 16, 2014

Apple Picking

I mentioned yesterday that we haven’t been doing a lot of work around our house that’s photo-worthy or blog worthy (unless you want pictures of garbage from the garage, messy tubs in the basement or tubs of clothes), so… I thought it would be fun to share pictures from apple picking this year. It was a cold, cloudy day, but we actually were glad to go in less-than-ideal weather because it kept the weekend crowds away.

Oliver loved every second of it. The animals, the apples, the tractors, the pumpkins.

We found rows of these dark purple apples, the color of plums. They were so good - my favorite of all the apples we picked. I wish I could remember the name...

I used a bunch of the apples to make a tart, and I still want to make some apple sauce (as it says on my list). Also maybe an apple crisp? So many recipes, so little time...

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