Oct 29, 2014

Basement Bookshelf & More Boxes

The bookshelves in the back of our living room

We inherited a third bookshelf that matches the ones in our living room. We don’t have room for it upstairs, but I didn’t want to get rid of it since it works as a set (and maybe someday we’ll have the wallspace?). I also hate turning down storage furniture. Luckily there was a perfect spot for it in the basement against our fake wall/room divider, and we could definitely use more storage. (Sorry for the bad lighting!)

The other thing that came home with me (in addition to the bookshelf) was another pile of boxes and tubs and bags of stuff. I knew I had a couple things left at my dad’s, but I didn’t realize how much (mentally I thought it was a couple of books and a small tub of memories). I got rid of more than half of it and not all of these tubs are full, but that’s still a lot of “precious memories” to save.

At least the bookshelf created space for some of my mother’s old books - craft books, drawing books, a few cookbooks, a little fiction and the Harry Potter series. But there’s still a ton of new stuff I have to organize all over again (and maybe edit down with a less sentimental eye). I thought I was done a couple weeks ago and got everything organizes and cleared out… but nope. This time should be the last of it though. I think....

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