Feb 17, 2015

A Few Things from The Weekend

For those who were lucky enough to have a long holiday weekend, I hope everyone enjoyed it! We certainly did, despite the weather in NJ being miserably cold. Last night it snowed a few inches and it’s so cold that the snow looks like glitter - it doesn't even look real. I don't think my picture does it justice, it looks like fake movie glitter snow...

We cut ourselves some slack last weekend, we spent a lot of the weekend relaxing and having fun. The things we tackled on the to-do list were more of the errand variety. Like eye doctor appointments and picking out new glasses (I love getting new glasses!), and a trip to the mall to make a couple exchanges and let Oliver run around someplace warm.

One thing I finally remembered to do was bring up my amaryllises from the basement, rehydrate them and put them in a sunny spot by the back sliding doors. It will be 8 weeks before they bloom, but I have a feeling that spring will be late and they will be a much welcome pop of color. It’s so cold, without a reprieve in sight… it feels good to have something “springy” to look forward to!

Unfortunately not everything was fun and relaxing. Right before our weekend, on Friday morning we woke up to this on our living room ceiling (complete with water slowly dripping out of it):

Our bedroom radiator sprung a leak. NOT something you want to see when the forecast is for lows below zero for several days straight. We had to call the emergency plumbing/heating guys, we know very little about fixing radiators and this was not the time to experiment before the holiday weekend. Luckily it turned out to be a quick fix. The weather was so cold that the heat was kicking on so frequently that the damage built up very quickly. We also realized upon further examination that our ceiling has been patched here before, so this was not the first time this happened. Now we're just waiting for things to dry out so we can inspect the damage and make repairs.

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