Feb 9, 2015

Dino-Mite Budget Valentines

I said this last year, but I just have to say it again - I love all of the fantastic Valentine ideas on pintrest, but I get frustrated by some of the high price tags or hard to find items. Oliver is in a smaller daycare right now, but what about when he’s in school and in a class of 22 kids? It adds up! With candy and food restrictions becoming more prevalent than ever, it feels like such a challenge.

So I’m on a mission to come up with inexpensive Valentines that are still fun. This year it was Target to the rescue with these super cool dinosaur erasers, 6 for $1.50.

Then I created a set of 4 cards with simple shapes in Photoshop that I could print at home on 8.5x11 cardstock and trim down. I wanted something graphic and simple that would make a nice background for the dinosaur.

Once they were printed, I used a needle and leftover embroidery thread to tie each one to the card. So the thread didn't stand out, I matched the closest color thread I had to each dinosaur.

I used the needle to poke holes around the dinosaur so I knew where the optimal points were to hold each dinosaur.

In the back I just tied the two ends together, but a small piece of tape would work too.

When they are all together it's really colorful and fun.

Since I already had a stash of thread and cardstock, this was only about $4.50 for 18 Valentines that include a small toy.

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