Feb 27, 2015

Snow Buddies

As much as Oliver sometimes annoys Georgia, she never wants to go on a walk without him. It's fine if Mike or I stay home, but she digs her heels in and tries to turn around the entire walk if he's not there. (This is frustrating when it's dark and 10 degrees!) Georgia prefers a family walk.

Of course Oliver loves to take Georgia for walks. He often insists on holding the leash for a bit. Ollie's now at the age where he HATES the stroller, so our pace is slower than before, but he has good stamina and can make it surprisingly far for a little kid. Both of them know the "rules" of the road - where there are sidewalks we stick to the sidewalks without fail. We stop at every crossing and wait for the parent to declare it's safe to cross. And when we're on side streets without sidewalks, if there's a car we get to the side immediately (and hold an adult's hand until the car passes if we're Oliver).

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