Jul 23, 2015

Hello There!

Hello! I know it’s been way too long since I’ve last posted. July has just been crazy. Things have just been even more hectic than usual, and things are usually really busy and hectic for us these days.

It’s been the sort of month with lots of good things and a few tough things. We’ve spent a lot of time with family and friends, gone to the pool, made trips to the zoo and the beach. But Oliver also got sick over the holiday weekend with strep and croup and passed it along to me as bronchitis. We had quality bonding time though too - Ollie and I were home together for a week while his daycare was closed for a planned holiday, but then I had to go away traveling for business.

I was in Seattle for a week for a work conference and it was amazing.

Mike and Oliver had to fend for themselves at home, with me on the other side of the country, while Oliver was only one week into potty training. Mike successfully made it through on all counts.

And now I’m home again and there are just a thousand things to do. My regular day job is crazy because I’ve been away from my desk for the entire month. I (foolishly) said yes to a big freelance project that started the second I got back from Seattle. It’s too hot so everything in the yard needs watering, Oliver wants to go to the pool, there’s a ton of laundry to do and dinners to make and errands to run and there were weeds overtaking all my garden beds in just a week (seriously I couldn’t even SEE my strawberry plants when I got home). I want to share a July garden update but I need to finish weeding the paths and beds, I’m only halfway done and I’m too embarrassed to take pictures until everything is cleaned up (it's that bad).

In bits and pieces we’re also just trying to get organized again, trying to sort through the disaster that is our basement and office. Keep the lawn mowed and the garden bed plants from dying. Next week our porch redo should finally kick off too.

But for now, all I really want to do is go back to the beach this weekend. In between trips to the pool of course.

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