Jan 14, 2016

Office to Big Boy Room

Oliver has had a big year. Potty training, a new school, a new brother coming... and now he’s moving from the nursery to his new big boy room (aka our office). He’s excited, we’re excited - but I know it’s going to be another big change. It’s going to take a while to adjust and we don’t have him to feel like the new baby stole his bedroom. We want to get him fully settled in the new room loooooong before the baby arrives in May, so we’re putting this project into high gear now.

This is what our office looked like on a really good day when things were organized:

Most of the time things were not quite so organized - piles of paper, miscellaneous things we needed to find a home for, leftovers from a craft project scattered on my desk. BUT it was nice to have a work space in our house that wasn’t the basement. I’m going to miss that.

However I am excited for Oliver to be able to enjoy this space. We’re keeping the bookcase and cube shelf in here for books and toys. We decided we want to keep the wall color for now as well. Repainting such a big room is a huge task and I really love this yellow color. To make the room more masculine we thought it would be fun to paint the ceiling a dark navy blue. I’d like to think of it as the night sky and we can build on that.

Our to do list:
  • Pack up all of our office stuff, downsize what we don’t need anymore, and move everything down to the basement
  • Paint the office ceiling dark blue
  • Add crown molding (if we don’t do it now, we never will)
  • Repair the top of my old dresser (Oliver’s new dresser)
  • Put together Oliver’s big boy bed, get a twin mattress
  • Find bedding that appeals to him, coordinates with the room and doesn’t cost too much
  • Decorate the new room (this will be a big job)
  • Transfer Oliver’s stuff over to the new room
Packing up the room is the hardest part. We've actually been working on it for a while - it's a slow process. We're keeping my glass desk because it's so versatile and we can each take a side for our own. Mike never loved his desk cabinet and mainly used it for storage, it's also falling apart in the back so we're going to get rid of it. My office chair is also broken so we're just keeping the comfortable green chair. 

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