Jun 22, 2017

New Porch Mat

When we stained the deck I realized it was time to replace the doormat by the sliding door. It was shedding to the point where the birds were stripping it to make nests and it was making more of a mess than preventing. It was time to replace it and I realized that it was also time for the front porch mat to get refreshed as well... The bicycle mat looked faded and worn instead of cute.

The old porch mat dresses up the refinished deck - it's still back door cute even if it's worn and faded.

Also... the stained deck... it's so much better. No more peeling. No more splintering. Just smooth dark brown deck planks. It's repelling water like a dream. The deck is a lovely place to be again.

Then the porch! It needed something new and fresh. I love the doormats at Target. Especially when they are on sale and I can order them with free shipping and the red card discount. This year’s bicycle design is super cute and the natural background color looks great with our yellow siding.

I need to clean the porch floor and we want to oil it this summer (another thing to add to the list), but the porch really looks lovely these days. The flowers in the pots, the new mat, the updates we’ve made - I feel like it’s such a welcoming space this summer.

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