Jul 20, 2017

Sea Shell Wreath for Summer

I made a seashell wreath for our front door with scallop shells from all our trips to Cape Cod. We have so many from all our lovely beach trips, and I’ve wanted to do something with them for a while now. I know we don’t live at the beach and some people will think that this is tacky anywhere that isn’t at the shore… but I don’t care. I’m at a point in my life where I want to do what make me happy and some rules are made to be broken. And I love this wreath!

Other than a burn on my knuckles from a hot glue gun accident (ouch!), the wreath was easy to put together. I used a leftover styrofoam wreath form from Michael’s as the base. I glued on a ribbon loop as a hanger. I started with smaller shells on the sides (inside and outside) and then did the front. I tried a couple of different shell layouts but in the end my favorite was a circle of shells in varying sizes around the center.

I’m very pleased with how this looks on our front door. The shades of light gray and cream are lovely on the dark gray paint. Every time I look at it I’m reminded of dozens of happy memories beach combing for seashells.

I’ve also decorated our shelves with our sea shells for summer. We have several containers from beach trips we’ve taken - Cape Cod, Florida, The Jersey Shore, Virginia Beach, The Outer Banks of North Carolina, Washington State. Lots of happy memories. It feels very summery here!

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