Aug 16, 2017

Oliver’s Room Rearranged and Reorganized

When the toy organizer came to our house, she also made amazing yet simple recommendations for Oliver’s room (see his room before here). To start, she urged me to swap the dresser and the kitchen set to open up the room and make it feel less crowded. She said simply, “a room feels cramped and closed-in when furniture touches.” It makes so much sense! So we swapped the pieces around and I moved the mirror behind the door - the room does feel more spacious now.

The organizer also had some great recommendations to reorganize Oliver’s toys. Everything is more easily accessible and cleaning up is faster and easier. We condensed the books, made more room for toy baskets. Oliver’s collections brought together. Action figures together, little toys that aren’t baby safe together. Role playing toys together. In the cube shelf there’s now a cube for art supplies all together, games and puzzles together, little toys together. It’s hard to show well in pictures, but everything suddenly fits better, flows better. It’s easier to get things out to play, it’s easier to clean up. (Part of why we get so frustrated with the playroom is how much better the bedrooms now function!)

We added a much needed reading light to Oliver's nightstand - it's something we meant to do for a while but I wanted to find "the perfect" one. For now he has a small light that was in our basement until the right one comes along (and it's made such a difference for reading stories to him at bedtime! How did we ever live without one there?!).

Also adding the big mirror on top of the dresser (that used to be where the map decal is) helps to make the room feel larger and brighter. I leaned Oliver's little treasure shelf against it to keep all the tiny toys away from Matthew's eager hands.

Oliver is so tall now he doesn't need the step stool to get onto his bed, but we keep it in here so he can reach things on top of his dresser or on the bookshelves higher up. Matthew likes to use it to climb onto Oliver's bed too, so we keep it there. They spend a lot of time playing together in here.

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