Oct 6, 2017

This is Halloween. Halloween! Halloweeeeeeen!!

Ahhhhhh October. Time for Halloween decorations for our VERY EXCITED five-year-old.

We pulled all our decorations out from last year - the giant spiderweb for the porch, the bats, the rats, spiders and flies, the bird skeletons, orange lights and pumpkins.

We always add a little something new each year. This year we added a second ghoul to our tree to fly in the wind and more foam gravestones from Target, just to give what we already have a little more oomph and presence.

(ignore the adorable and delightfully cheerful giant blue pinwheel, it's Matthew's and he loves it)


Our neighbor across the street who always has the most amazing Halloween displays lent us one of his many life size plastic skeletons for Oliver. 

We are so excited for Halloween night!

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