Nov 2, 2017

Happy {Belated} Halloween!

Happy Belated Halloween! This year our family dressed as The Justice League at Oliver's request. Oliver was the Flash, Matthew was Superman, Georgia was Aquaman. Wonder Woman and Batman were behind the camera :) We had an amazingly fun night. In fact our family is still recovering because it was such a big event. Our neighborhood goes all-out and we get a TON of kids. I bought extra candy this year and we still almost ran out (my neighbor lost track around 260 kids...). It was really fun, both boys (and us parents) had a blast.

Our house looked very festive and spooky at night. We add a little bit more each year and while we can't compete with our neighbors who go crazy, I think it still looks great. It was a little hard to photograph at night since it's so dark, but it looked good in person. The orange lights on the porch rail look white in the pics, but were orange in real life. We added our rusted old garden trellis pieces in front of the gravestones to give it more of an "old abandoned graveyard" feel, but then had to add a purple lights to keep children from running into it in the dark (or at least that's how I rationalized needing a strand of purple lights at the last minute on sale...). We also added an indoor spotlight last minute in the tree so that the ghosts were visible. Next year maybe we should get a real outdoor spotlight.

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