Feb 2, 2018


Last week, Georgia passed away. It was devastating, even if it was time.

My heart is heavy, the house feels empty, we miss her so much. My little companion, always at my side. She has been our baby for over twelve years. She was with us in our first apartment together in the city. The second apartment in the suburbs. This house. She was there for both my pregnancies, the birth of both boys. She would cuddle my pregnant belly, she would bark for me when each newborn cried, she would lay in their bedrooms next to their crib watching over each boy. Georgia always loved babies. And even though she merely tolerated naughty little toddlers and kids, she always helped us put the boys to bed each night.

The only thing she ever wanted was to just be with us. She was the best dog, entirely devoted to her family.

Her slow decline has been a long time coming. We honestly thought we would lose her in October, so we are very grateful for the extra few months together (even if they were hard). Twelve is ancient for a French Bulldog. We knew every day past 10 would be a gift, but honestly it doesn’t make it any easier. She was our first baby, she was family, and we love her so much.

I miss her.

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  1. I am so very, very sorry. Having just lost (last year) my two kitties at 16 and almost 17, I know that feeling well. It's horrible.