Jun 1, 2018

Porch Bench

We have a new bench for our porch, a lovely birthday present.

It looks amazing - the style and color compliment the porch style beautifully and it fits perfectly. We love that we now have a place to sit out here. The best part is that it folds up too for easy storage in the winter. And of course it's much nicer and sturdier than anything I would have built!

I move a couple of plant pots around to make room and I think it's really working - so much color and so many flowers on our porch. It's going to look AMAZING once I get the rails repainted and the floor oiled (we just need some better weather - it's been raining pretty much every day on and off).

It blends so well - it's like it was made for our porch. Now excuse me while I go make a pitcher of iced tea and wait for the school bus out here...

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