Jun 29, 2018

The Oasis: Big Patio Updates

Project "enjoy the yard" required some big updates to our patio to make it a comfortable, relaxing, shady place to be - an oasis where we could hang out on nice days.

First, the deck lattice! We cut and stained the lattice and installed it under the deck, creating a nice wall along the side of the patio. We're not enclosing the whole under-deck area right now, but we wanted to close this part off so the patio feels more like an outdoor room. I'm really happy with the overall effect - we've been meaning to do this for years. And it makes the space feel much more pleasant without a dark "cave" behind the chairs.

Then the biggest change of all arrived... Patio furniture! Real seating, the kind you can sink into and relax in.

With aqua cushions of course. This set is the result of a major furniture sale + gift cards + deciding this was our birthday/anniversary gift to each other this year. We've wanted comfortable patio furniture for a long time but have been waffling about what to buy for years. Finally we did it - with all the effort we've made towards project "enjoy the yard" this was a final key component.

One of my biggest pet peeves with the space was the hoses. No matter how hard I tried, the shortest distance from the spigot always won out. And that left the hose constantly in the middle of our space - a tripping hazard, a nuisance... plus it was ugly. Now we have the hoses winding around the perimeter and along the under-deck lattice, with pieces in place to keep it from traveling. When we want to wind the hose up (which isn't that often because we're always using it), it's easily accessible under the table in the corner (and out of the way).

I took pictures at two different times of day so you can see the extra shade the lattice on top of the pergola provides in the morning. The pattern is pretty and it really helps keep the area comfortable. When we close the aqua curtains it's even shadier and cooler.

The plastic aqua Adirondack chairs were were using here are at the end of their lifespan - two were quite broken (like dangerous to sit in broken) and the remaining two were moved to the driveway area where the kids play as secondary seating.

We still have the table out and two chairs for eating outside (or working from home on a laptop outside) and we have the additional four chairs in the garage we can pull out as needed for guests. Luckily all the wicker furniture is light enough we can easily move it around and rearrange things depending on our needs. Originally we wanted to do a sectional here but eventually we realized that it was too limiting and we needed something more versatile that could be moved around. This is much better.

Our outdoor areas are heavenly these days. The cushions make all the chairs comfortable. The deck umbrella, pergola lattice + curtains provide wonderful shade. All the potted flowers are so cheerful and pretty. The yard is really looking nice now that the mulching is finished and the plants are filling in. We just loving hanging out outside on the patio, now more than ever. It feels like an outdoor living room - on nice days the kids never want to go inside!

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