Jun 24, 2010

We’ve Moved!

We’re in the house. Yesterday the movers came and packed all our furniture into their truck in the 90+ degree heat. We’ve been spending a lot of time juggling boxes, rearranging furniture in the living room for the 100th time (it’s a really awkward room), and attempting to unpack a few boxes.

On Tuesday the electricians finished up their work. More loud crashes, more holes to patch, electrical stuff everywhere all day… but in the end it was so worth it. It might not look like much more than some new outlets and a bunch of holes to patch – but oh to have the AC running, laptops charging and TV on at the same time! It’s lovely! The cable guy came to give us phone, TV, and internet… and we actually had outlets to plug them in and have everything work!

Also on Tuesday the tub re-glazers came. The good news? The tub is now beautiful. The bad news? They had to remove the toilet and Mike had to learn how to put one back on yesterday when we needed to be doing a million other things. Awesome. Oh and the re-glazing process smelled terrible - like a thousand toxic chemicals invaded the house (so glad we didn't sleep here until last night!). But again – it looks like a brand new tub!

We’re still struggling to get the washer and dryer down the stairs. Apparently Maytag doesn’t even make a dryer that would fit through our basement door. We’d have to switch out our set to a set of Kenmore front loaders with flat backs – something I didn’t want at all. So now the solution is to actually take out the door, move the dryer through it, and put in a new door with a professional carpenter tomorrow afternoon.

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