Jul 28, 2010

Floor Plans

I realized today that I never shared the floor plan to the downstairs of our house for those of you who have not had a chance to visit. Here you can see the impossible situation that is our living room for furniture arrangements. We literally have one short wall where the wallpaper feature is - every other space is stairs, radiators, or one of four doorways. No matter what we try, it's awkward. Eventually we would like to add some backyard access in the form of sliding glass doors off the back of the dining room where we currently have double windows. The sun room will be a great bonus room once we unpack and remove the floor-to-ceiling box piles we have stored in there until the kitchen is finished. The doorway in the kitchen leads to the basement stairs and down to a side door.



I thought I would also include the updated upstairs floor plan again for a side by side comparison. For the original upstairs layout click here.

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