Jul 27, 2010

Lovely Bright Bathroom Lights

Mike has been really busy with the electrical. It's been very hard work cutting through crumbling plaster walls, running wires, and suffering the boiling lava hot temperatures of our attic in this never ending heat wave. Even the professional electricians we had complained about the difficulty of our house - and Mike's electrical class never covered crazy old houses with lots of weird crap in the walls. Wiring our bedroom has been a huge ongoing challenge. From an observer's standpoint, I'd say borderline excruciating.

However we had one big win over the weekend - Mike installed the new bathroom light over the vanity! And not only did he install the new light, he put it on its own light switch over by the sink. My original, not-so-brilliant idea of controlling both lights on the main switch was going to lead to some very painful and blinding moments late at night. Plus it's not very green to always have two lights on when one will do - the new vanity light is really for primping, makeup and all those things. I love having the new light installed - not only is it useful, but it looks so much better than the original light! Installation was actually quite a process - not only did Mike have to remove the old light fixture, he also had to remove the original box (in the wall) and wiring (instead of moving it up to make room for the bigger medicine cabinet) because it was actually the wrong kind and not up to code. Once he removed the box and wiring, then Mike had to cut a new hole for the new box, patch the old hole, cut a hole for the light switch, patch the crumbling plaster, then he ran new wires for the switch and new light - and boy it makes such a difference!

Next up for this room - finishing the wall plastering (an ongoing battle) so we can prime and paint!

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