Jul 6, 2010


I was tired of our mailbox announcing the name of the former owner. It was also forest green, rusted and had seen better days. Since we don't really have the money right now for a fancy new mailbox, the next best thing was to spray paint it a glossy dark gray. The holiday weekend, without mail service, was the perfect time to do this project - even with the oven-like temperatures outside.

I couldn't get out the dings and dents, but I think it looks a million times better. One small point for curb appeal. When we finally do shutters on the front windows, it will have a really nice cohesive look. Actually the mailbox makeover reminded me of how bad our front porch is. It's in desperate need of sanding and repainting- pretty much like everything else in this house. On the next cool weekend we have, we'll definitely have to do some work outside.

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