Jul 7, 2010

Still Melting, Flowers Wilting

We're still in the middle of a heat wave. Yesterday it reached 104 degrees in our area and today 100. We're spending a lot of time watering our every single plant on our property - from my container garden to the new trees to the existing bushes. We're watering 3+ times a day and really need to buy a sprinkler. In addition to this baking heat, we're also experiencing a pretty intense drought. It's so hard to keep everything from drying out and wilting, every time we go outside the dirt is bone dry as if we never watered at all.

Keeping landscaping alive isn't something that you think about when you're living in an apartment or a condo. Someone else waters the plants for you. Someone else stands out there in the oppressive heat, dripping with sweat, baking in the sun to move the hose and stand over the flower beds.  I never really appreciated the toiling of landscapers before. I do now.

I am now dreaming of automatic sprinklers, irrigation systems, and all that jazz. Even an electronic watering timer for my future (planned) vegetable garden out back would be a real treat. It's funny how such boring things like lawn care and landscaping become so important and fascinating once you're a homeowner.

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