Jul 19, 2010

Weird Stuff I Found in the Bushes

The weeds next to the new fence were growing as tall as the berry bushes. We held off touching this area because we weren't sure if it was ours until the fence was up. Honestly I'm still not sure if it's ours technically, but if I have to look at it and they don't - it's mine now. I wish I had taken a before picture (but I didn't because I thought this would take an hour, not most of the day). However I did snap a photo of the giant piles of weeds afterward - I pulled that much out of the ground. I had a lot of wisteria (that beautiful vine with purple flowers that you see on arbors) to battle that traveled underground from the neighbor's yard. Fun Fact: Wisteria  means "work" in Latin. Not so fun fact: I now know what that means.

I found some weird stuff  in the weeds too - a sea shell shaped bird bath top that weighs 1,000 lbs, a bag of hardened cement, a big metal pipe, the top of a tiki torch, 3 balls, a lot of cigarette butts, and an unopened can of juice.

After all that hard work we now have just two berry bushes with a sweet pea vine in between.  I mulched everything to look nice and help prevent future weeds. I'm very proud of myself because it was WAY more work than I thought it would be to clean up such a small area.

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