Jul 20, 2010

Restore Store

Over the weekend a friend took me to the Habitat for Humanity Restore, where they sell new and used furniture and building materials. I was amazed at how high end some of their inventory was - I fell in love with this large oriental rug until I looked at the $4,296 price tag. Of course this was hugely discounted down from almost $20k retail, but definitely out of our price range and lifestyle (dogs and fancy rugs do not mix)!

Despite a few outrageous items, I found some great deals and definitely have plans to go back again. I restricted myself to only buying things on our current shopping list and still found some great stuff - all new.
  • Laminate flooring - $5 a box (that's an amazing 20 cents a sq ft compared to IKEA's cheapest 65 cents a sq ft) - for our closet floor
  • Satin nickel ceiling light - $8 (compared to $38 at Home Depot) - for our closet
  • Outdoor black hanging lantern - $3.20 (not sure where it's going yet because it was too long for our porch, but for that price I have no regrets!)
  • Satin nickel drawer pulls - $2.50 each (originally $7.50 each, compared to $3.00 each for a cheap version) - for our kitchen drawers

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