Aug 17, 2010

My Dream Light and the Nightmare Installation

If we were keeping score, it would be Lamp: 7, Mike 1. The lamp came in a million complicated pieces with the world's worst directions and the original wiring in the living room ceiling was old and badly installed. Mike started it on Saturday and after multiple installation attempts gave up, and finally finished it Sunday morning in a few more tries. It took HOURS for one lamp. What Mike now refers to as "the lamp from hell".

Except it was worth it because I LOVE this lamp. It's my dream lamp. It's the lamp that eHarmony would set me up with and we'd live happily ever after. It's not just a lamp, it's THE lamp. I saw it more than two years ago at Ballard Designs online and was completely enamored with it. The Biella Smoke Bell Pendant was pricey for one little lamp - but I've kept it on top of my design pile and stuck it in every room design mood board I've made ever since.

Then one day [cue the same enthusiasm I use to tell our engagement story] - it was like fate. My friend Jenn told me to go check out Rue La La (a free "club" for discount designer goodies) because they were doing a lighting boutique and she thought some of the items were my style. Since buying the house, I've abstained from sites like Rue La La because I cannot be tempted to shop for treats on our budget  - but I took her advice and peeked. After scrolling past several gaudy chandeliers, there it was - MY LAMP. My beautiful, beautiful lamp - at more than 50% off! And once I cashed in all my Rue La La credits - it was practically a steal and I just had to get it. Especially since I would have eventually caved and bought this lamp at full price because I love it so much.

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