Aug 16, 2010

Meet Myrtle

This is Myrtle. She hails from Virginia, brought all the way back here by Betty who picked her up at the beach farmer's market. Down there crepe myrtles are ridiculously inexpensive compared to up here. Note the gorgeous hot pink blossoms.

I planted the tree near the back of the house because crepe myrtles need protection from winter's freezing cold temperatures (they are southern trees after all). After we install the fence, I have big plans for some additional landscaping this fall and spring. The decorative trellis I found in the garage from the previous owners.

Pictured above is actually Big Myrtle. We also have Lil' Myrtle, who also has awesome dark pink blooms but is too young and fragile to be planted in the ground yet. Lil' Myrtle went into a pot that we can overwinter inside in our sun room.

We officially now have four trees in the ground. Six if you count the ones borrowed/inherited from the neighbors after the fence went up.

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