Aug 31, 2010

Our Hall Wallpaper has Arrived!

Back in July I wrote about the wallpaper in the upstairs hall. Several panels of wallpaper had been damaged during the installation of the attic stairs and we were eagerly anticipating a wallpaper reunion. Over the weekend, the woman who we bought the house from (the niece of the original owner) came by and brought us the wallpaper roll. Actually she brought us the wallpaper roll and a delicious chocolate cake from whole foods because she's ridiculously nice. We gave her a tour - she was happy to see how much work we've done to restore the house, bringing it into modern times while appreciating and accentuating the long history and rich details. She felt that her aunt would be pleased with our updates and glad to know the house was in good hands.

I am really excited to have the wallpaper in my possession. We can finally finish the upstairs hallway and bring it back to its previous wallpapered loveliness (but in an edgecomb gray instead of mauve mist).

1 comment:

  1. Not everyone likes wallpaper, especially if you've scraped layers off your walls.