Sep 28, 2010

1-2-3 Coats of Poly

I know, it looks the same as before.  Three coats of polyurethane with nothing to show for it except significantly better protection for the future.  We used wipe-on poly, which dries to a really nice hard finish.   We've used all sorts of different types while refinishing furniture - oil based in a can, acrylic based - and this is our hands down favorite.  I'll never go back to another type. Because you wipe it on with a rag, there are no streaks or brush marks.  It's the most durable poly we've used.  I love it.

A little also goes a long way.  Three full coats in this kitchen and we only used half this small container.

Now we have to let the polyurethane "cure" for a week and harden.  We've learned some helpful tips and tricks from other DIY folks and our own experience.  While the directions say you can do your next coat in 2-3 hours, it's better to wait at least 12 hours to fully dry.   And it says you can start using your cabinets or furniture again in 12-24 hours, but you really want to let the poly cure for a week.  I know that's a huge pain when doing something like a kitchen - but there's a very good chance it's still soft and will chip if you don't wait.

Oh and only use this stuff in a well ventilated room with the windows open, and definitely do as much of it outside as possible.  This stuff has nasty toxic fumes.

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