Sep 27, 2010

The Finished Backsplash

We had a really hard time finding a bullnose (rounded top edging) tiles that matched our subway tiles.  I'm sure they exist, but we went for cheap a Home Depot version and none of the stores around here had it.  So we had to devise another solution to finish the edges in our bathroom and kitchen - molding.

In the kitchen we went with a very narrow piece of molding, painted white dove to match the cabinets.  It finishes off the edges of the backsplash for a cleaner look.

Once the trim was installed, we caulked the edges of the trim and around the tiles to finally finish the backsplash.   Caulking between the counter and the tiles was the hardest part because I kept smearing it all over the counter.  It comes off easily with wet soapy paper towels, but I must have gone through more than a dozen.

Mike also put the electrical outlets back together.  They look much better with their cover plates on them - and it's so nice to have electricity over here again! 

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