Sep 14, 2010

A Fresh Start in the Kitchen

Before we could put the kitchen back together again, we had to lay a new "foundation" for a fresh start.  We put up green board under the windows and cabinets to provide an even, water-resistant surface for our tile backsplash to stick to.  There was a major uninsulated gap under the window in the wall that we filled with some spray foam insulation before screwing the board in - a detail that will be much appreciated this winter.

Once all the green board was up and screwed into studs, we covered all the edges and seams with seam tape, then mudded everything with plaster-friendly joint compound.  Then came the cabinet priming.  I covered the whole thing - all the inner nooks and crannies, including the parts that will never show, with the primer.  It might be mild OCD but I wanted to seal in anything and everything from the old cabinets and start fresh.  I feel better knowing everything inside was primed and any weird stains covered.  The only unprimed spot that remained was directly under the sink - this waited until after the new sink was installed, the faucets hooked up, the drain built and tested for leaks.  No sense in doing it twice... plus the bucket was in the way.

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