Oct 25, 2010

Last Minute Backyard Fence Removal

On Saturday we dug up an entire length of fence in our backyard.  Sixteen posts in total.  Our next door neighbors are getting a privacy fence on Tuesday around their backyard.  It was last minute notice from the fence company.  Plans were canceled.  It was a big rush, but we got it done.

We had to remove our fence because ours was 6" into our property and their fence will be 6" into their property - there would be a inaccessible foot of space between our two fences filled with weeds we would have to look at.  And depending on where their post holes are and how much cement they use, digging up our fence later could be difficult.  So our neighbors dug up their fence and we dug up our fence and tomorrow we will get to enjoy the nice side of the wood fence and the privacy it will provide.

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