Oct 7, 2010

New Kitchen Sconce

We picked out a nice wall sconce from the folks at CSN I told you about.   It took me forever to decide what I wanted, the options were practically unlimited because they sell pretty much everything.  But in the end we were currently shopping for a new kitchen sconce so that made the most sense.  The old light fixture wasn't our style and it wasn't very functional, we needed something pointing downwards to illuminate our work area.

The sconce we chose looks really similar to ones I was admiring at Pottery Barn, without the ridiculous price tag.  It has a clean modern feel but is classic enough to blend into our old historical home.  I love the way it looks in our kitchen. 

Technically right now the light doesn't turn on yet.  It needs a switch.  The spot where I want the switch  is currently home to the switch controlling the spotlight outside to the backyard.  This location makes no sense since its not by any door.  Mike is going to move this switch elsewhere and wire the new light here, but that's a big project for another day.

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