Nov 2, 2010

Re-Packing the Dining Room

It felt backwards, but I repacked the dining room before the doors were installed.  I didn't want to risk any of my wedding china/crystal/vases - leaving it all unprotected on display in the hutch felt like I was inviting an accident.  So I re-packed all my delicate pretty things and put them back in the sun room to keep them safe.  (And it's a good thing I did too - the demolition work to pull out the windows and cut the hole was intense!)

The dining room had also become a sort of staging area and temporary home for a lot of things while we worked on the kitchen.   Tools, small appliances, canned goods, stacks of dishes that won't fit in the cabinets, excessive amounts of Tupperware... all of this had to be cleared out.  Things were getting out of hand in here so it's probably a good thing.  Except that it's all back again in the sun room... and now we can't even walk in the sun room anymore - all over again.

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